Ultimate Reset: Phase 2 Over!!

The  hubs and I are finally through week 2!!  The numbers?  The hubs is down 6.5 lbs and I'm down 6!  We are wearing smaller clothes and feeling good.

I also got my body fat taken last Wednesday and repeated last night.  Those numbers are incredible.

Last week (9/12) :
Body Fat: 39.7%
Fat Weight: 105 lbs

This week (9/19):
Body Fat: 37.9%
Fat Weight: 98 lbs

That's one week folks.  Even better than the numbers, I feel amazing.  My skin is cleared up, I am sleeping better, I am more energetic, and I'm just in a better mood.  I'm really feeling good.

Now on to the last phase, phase 3 which is the fruits and veggies phase, all the grains are optional.  I'll tell you, I'm not really that excited about this.  There are no beans, just lots of veggies and lots of salads.  I will tell you - the one thing I don't like about this is all the freaking SALADS.  I am loving all of the cooked vegetable meals or even the salad as a side to a cooked meal.  But salad every day is just not something I ever want to do or ever want to do again.  Today's lunch (Day 2 of Week 3) is just a microgreen salad. Bah.  Every single DAY this week is a salad.  I'm not going to be loving this week as much as prior weeks at all because of that I know.  My office is constantly 65-70 degrees and freezing.  This is again my ONE thing I wish the reset had, warm lunch options.  I'm honestly thinking of subbing in some of the dinner options for lunch because I just do NOT like eating cold food like this.  Perhaps I should send a letter instead of blogging about my disdain for cold food?  I did read the book Eat to Live recently and they talk about the virtues of fresh fruits and veggies and I get it.  Buttttt I just don't want to eat salad every day.  So I'm going to complain just a little :)