Ultimate Reset Prep

A nice long 4 day weekend is exactly what I needed after a 7 day vacation, right?  I'm taking my own advice for sure and getting my rest and relaxation on.  I definitely need it.  I didn't sleep well at all after I got home because my stomach was not doing well.  Honesty time - I've had a lot of stomach problems the last week or so.  I'm sure of it was a touch of food poisoning but the latter part of the week I can't explain like that as it was days later.  With that said, I'm actually really happy that we are starting the reset soon because I'm hoping all of this will clear up.

This weekend the hubby and I are getting ready for next week.  We watched the reset your health DVD this morning before he left for work (I'm playing dutiful housewife today).  It's basically the videos on the site, but it was the first time we watched together.  Today I printed the grocery lists off the participant portal and read the program and nutrition guide.  The recipes look pretty good even though there are a ton of things I have never eaten before in it so I'm a little scared.  The hubby is excited about the fact men get to eat a little more and probably is planning on eating all the extra man servings.

Today I started doing the shopping for the reset.  Started because some of the stuff the store just didn't have (like asparagus.....huh? or tempeh...ok) and I need to make a run to another store (probably whole foods because I know they will have all this stuff) to finish off.  It took me FOREVER to shop, mainly because I'm shopping at a new to me grocery store and I just didn't know where things were.  The other reason was that I just wasn't familiar with a lot of the items on the shopping list so I had to just really look hard for stuff and read packages and all that.  I don't typically buy like farina and seaweed and miso paste (which is refrigerated, who knew!).  I'm glad I didn't wait until the last minute because some of the stuff wasn't at one store and now I'm not in a bind trying to find things the day I need them.  I'm sure I'll need to get more fruit but everything else should be good for a week.

Some tips I have already for anyone getting ready to prep.  The first being READ your program and nutrition guide first.  It will save you heartache and time.  After that:

  1.  If you are doing it by yourself, try to go to a store that sells bulk foods if at all possible.  This may be better for 2 people as well, not sure on that math.  But it's definitely clearly better for 1.  But some items you need really small quantities and they may be foods you don't know if you will like or eat in the weeks after the reset.  The list is for 4 oz of oatmeal, so a bigger container isn't a big risk as oatmeal is a relatively clean healthy grain most people like.  But you only need 4 oz of farina - which is a bigger risk (for most people anyway).  A bulk store if you can find it may save you from spending a ton of money on things you don't need or won't eat after the 21 days. 
  2. Buy ziploc or whatever containers you want for storage.  You will have lots of containers of open grains over the course of the next 21 days.  
  3. Plan ahead.  Print the grocery lists for each phase (phase 1 can be found here) and check what you already have off.  Read the full grocery listing in the program and nutrition guide that comes with your reset kit and know what you need to modify (for example - for men there are some options to have more of certain things at meals).  The listing in the back of the book on what each ingredient is, it's benefit and what stores sell it is really helpful.  
  4. Budget. If you don't cook at all, you are going to spend a lot of money on your phase one shopping trip.  Not because of the food - but because of the spices and condiments/oils.  I cook a LOT and I find that most of the condiments and some of the spices I already had.  These are the most expensive items I think and will drive your costs up.  The good thing is that if you notice on the shopping list, most of these items you buy now and will use the entire 21 days - meaning you will not spend nearly that much the following 2 weeks.  Know this going into it. 
  5. Clean out your refrigerator and cabinets.  Not just because the book says that you should, but because you will not have room for your groceries if you don't.  Seriously, I felt like I bought enough groceries for a year - and it's only supposed to be for a week.  If you are doing this with multiple people especially, you won't have room for your 12 pack of pop with all these veggies!  Same with your pantry - all those spices and condiments need to go somewhere :)
Those are all the tips and tricks I have from just the past couple of days of working with the program book and grocery shopping.  I'm going to take the advice of many sites I've read starting tomorrow and start cutting back on the junk.  I was on vacation for 7 days and then jumped right back into work (literally - I ran into an associate at the airport landing from vacation and then started texting my boss because I found out then that we had an 8am meeting with the VIPs) and now am on the long weekend social calendar.  So basically, my diet is NOT what it usually is and hasn't been.  I've been drinking lots of wine/strongbow and eating out (restaurant or just not at my house) almost every meal after breakfast.  This weekend I'm going to eat at home as much as possible, cut out the alcohol again, hydrate like mad, and just be more normal.  I already don't drink pop (haven't since January) and don't drink coffee, so I'm not at all worried about caffeine effects thank goodness.  I'm also going to really watch portions.  I was eating 6 meals a day for a very long time and now will be going to 3 with maybe a snack, so I need to just cut back from that a little so I'm not eating my fingers off with hunger at 1pm on day 1.  

Okay I think that's enough from me for now.  I'm going off to search for a good yoga dvd (leave me a recommendation in the comments if you know one) to do during the reset and then curl up with a good book and relax.  It's been a hectic week/month and I would like to start September off nicely. If you decide to do the reset and want to do it with me, you can pick it up here :)  I'm starting next Wednesday!