Ultimate Reset Round 2 Results

I am completely RESET ya'll :) How do I feel now that the Ultimate Reset is over?  Pretty freaking FANTASTIC.  I'm sleeping better, my stomach issues are gone thanks to the lack of dairy, I'm not craving sugar, and I feel strong.  Energized.  Feeling so refreshed and positive and in a great mood.  I lost 24.6 lbs and 15.75 inches overall.  Most of the inches were in my core but they came from all over - bust, waist, hips, thighs, arms.   Comparison photos...night before I started to the last night of the reset.  I didn't post the morning as the comparison because I wanted to keep it consistent.


As I mentioned before, moving and everything else in the month or two before the reset had really given me a fluffy middle and stress was causing me to have some bad habits resurface.  My goal of the ultimate reset for me is never an amount of weight.  It is a tool in my portfolio that I use to bring my habits into alignment with my goals so I can continue with success down the line.  And for the second time I feel like this program has done that for me, so it's definitely rated a successful endeavor for me for that reason.  I'm in this for the long haul :)

So what is next for me?  Right now I am getting back on the workout train with all the DVDs I have at home and yoga.  I am planning on a mix of Les Mills Combat, Les Mills Pump, and TurboFire.  I am doing these workouts to get back into the groove of things and to start getting my body ready for INSANITY.  My INSANITY challenge group starts May 20th (deets here!) and I know that after not working out for 21 days I need to ramp up for that.  I did Les Mills Combat 30 min Kick Start today and it whipped my butt...that's why I need to ramp up.

Diet wise, I am going to continue eating vegan for a few more days at least, then adding in eggs and very limited dairy to slowly build back up.  I don't plan on being vegetarian for life, but I do plan on sticking to a mostly plant based diet again.  That has been working for me very well for the last few months.