Ultimate Reset: the home stretch

Well, this is it folks!  Only 2 days left on the reset and we are DONE!!!  We are really looking forward to being done just because it will be nice to have control of what we eat again and also to be able to eat without such a rigid schedule.  This week at work was really hard because I had so many meetings that it was hard to get the supplements in when I was supposed to take them and all that jazz.

And honestly time?  I'm so ready to not cook 2-3 meals a day.  Seriously, that was probably the part of the reset I hated most.  A lot of meals in phases 1 and 3 do not repeat so I was doing a lot of cooking which meant a LOT more cleaning.  I was running the dishwasher 1-2 times a day and that's only because I handwash all my pots and pans.  If I ran those through the dishwasher we would be at 2-3 easy.  That part of the program I will not miss at all.  I am a cook enough for a few meals and eat leftovers kind of girl.  I cannot wait to be back on that groove.

I also miss working out.  I got my new ugi ball for bodyrock and I may or may not have decided to pull up some workouts to do them and see how I felt.  I went slow and aimed for slow proper reps instead of going all out and didn't do every exercise.  I can tell I haven't aggressively worked out for a while because some of the moves were really hard for me.  But I can also tell I've lost some inches around my waist because I felt less interference during some of the ab exercises and the overall jiggle factor.  I was very happy about that.  I think this week I will aim for doing more walking and adding in some short BodyRock bursts here and there. I honestly did not do much working out or walking during the reset because between cooking, cleaning and work I didn't have any time.  Also every single weekend of the reset was busy with friends and family in town or something else going on (including this weekend).  So it's just been a very jam packed 21 days.  Now that I don't have to spend hours cooking and cleaning (because that's honestly what it was...at least 2 hours in the kitchen between prep, cook, clean) I definitely am ready to re-direct that energy into some sweating!

Life after the reset?  I'm ready for it.  I spent a while in Barnes and Noble yesterday and picked up a few vegetarian cookbooks.  I also now am a new subscriber to the vegetarian times.  I am really committed to having this lifestyle of vegetarian with dips into carnivore and total herbivore living here and there.  I think that is a balance that I can live with for weight loss, higher energy levels, no gastro problems, and overall happiness.  I also think that with my traveling lifestyle I can do that while on the road.  I've already saved Happy Cow as a bookmark on my iPhone so I can find places to eat while on the road.