Ultimate Reset - The Preparation

Oh man I am SO ready to do the reset again.  I feel pretty gross lately.  I have been struggling and struggling and struggling to get back on my game and that's why we decided to move the reset up just a few days.  The  man pretty much was good to go early if I wanted to do it early so decision made.  I haven't been on any kind of scale in weeks...I'm more than terrified of what I'll see on Wednesday morning when I do my measurements and weigh in pre-reset but I do know that I still fit in my clothes so it can't be THAT bad...right?  Having a bachelorette party, birthday, and 2 bridal showers in a 9 day period was a bit much for me and I am pretty bloated right now.  TMI but it's my blog so hey, my jorunal. Anyway, yesterday I started my reset prep.  The Ultimate Reset participant portal (appears on the website for login after you purchase the kit) is the first stop for me, even before going back into the guidebook.  The reason for that is that the portal has grocery lists and the guidebook does not.  The grocery list is broken down by week which is super helpful because having to go through the book and write it myself would be a pain in the butt.  So anyway yesterday I went to the store and stocked up on what I was missing.  It's funny, the very first time I did the reset I had to buy pretty much everything, including a lot of the spices.  This time I had to buy mainly the perishables (produce, chicken, fish, eggs, hummus, guacamole), and some of the grains like tortillas and the fresh herbs.  It was much cheaper :)

As far as preparation, really the only thing you can do before the reset is to cut back on crap food and shop. The first time I did this, I was coming off vacation with my girlfriends followed immediately by a long weekend with my husband in Memphis...so I was doing the opposite.  Lots of alcohol, dessert, food, meat...just about the opposite of the recommended prep.  This time I am coming into it with WAY less crap in my system, but not as clean as I would have liked.  The biggest thing they warn against is cutting back on caffeine.  I do drink tea pretty regularly, but I have cut back the last few days since deciding to move everything up.  I can deal with sugar withdrawal I do not want to contend with caffeine withdrawal.

Next, clean your house.  Clean it all up.  Don't keep temptations in the house if you don't have the strength to get through the 21 days without it.  If you don't want to throw it out, box it up and give it to a friend or something.  I have been slowly cleaning out the house the last few weeks, so I really don't have any tempting food left.  I mostly have random cans of beans as far as non-reset food...so nothing that would be a huge temptation, lol.  Plus I actually like the reset food so I know going in that I'll be ok.

And the one tip I want to leave with you - resist the urge to eat all your favorite junk foods the days before the reset.  My husband is going through this and it's SO hard to deal with from my end.  Let's eat this since we will be vegan for a few weeks, let's go here, let's have dessert every day!  Resist this urge.  For one - it just makes you feel like crap from all the extra stuff and for two - it's not like you will never have it again - just not for 21 days.  And I mean seriously - do you have pizza that often in a 21 day period?  You probably don't.  Unless you are a college student or a bachelor.  But other than that...it's not like you would normally eat some of this stuff during that time period anyway.  Don't go into it with a mentality that it's the end of the world because that will make these 21 days really really long.  Just go into it that you are cleaning up your body and you will incorporate your foods back cleanly after and it helps.