Vanilla Shakeology is Here!!

Have you heard the news?

20130620-203408.jpg Vanilla shakeology is coming out tonight!!! I'm so stoked, I'm very faithful to my Shakeology (seriously ask my hubby or my mom about me whipping out a travel blender about anywhere) because of the positive changes it has helped me make. Having vanilla now means I can have more variety with my flavors :)

Shipping is free until July 7th - so give it a try! You can find it on my site (here!) starting at midnight. I'm ordering mine to try tomorrow!

Also T25 is coming out MONDAY! Just so you know - its on in July :) if you want to be in my challenge group, order yours before mid-July. If you are definitely wanting both, wait to order your vanilla shakeology until Monday, then you can purchase the discounted challenge pack with both products! Shoot me an email or leave a comment and I will send you info on the combo when it is available :)

One last thing, don't forget coaches get 25% off of all the Beachbody goodies, so if you are thinking of doing T25 and starting the vanilla shakeology, think about joining Team Tenacity. You get access to our team group, tons of support and motivation, and access to the best support system I have ever had for weight loss.

Have a great evening!!