We Have Lift Off!

This week was SO overwhelming at work, whew.  The bosses were out so I was acting person in charge and I was insanely busy.  I like management and I like running projects - but since our team is a team of 3 and 2 were gone - I had basically no backup staff for our biggest issue.  Add to it that I'm the lead engineer and pretty much deputy anyway...I was busy.

But I did take care of myself!  I worked out (although I did have an unplanned off day due to a storm induced power outage that made me wake up about 45 min late), I ate on plan, and I generally went to bed on time.  I also added in my first weight work out back yesterday!  Oh how glorious it was to get back to lifting.  I lift in a cardio manner - meaning I move pretty fast between sets and add in cardio every once in a while to break it up (jumping jacks, high knees, mountain climbers, ect).  This allows me to still get a good total calorie burn while lifting heavy.  Yesterday was an upper body focused day and I can tell how out of shape I have gotten.  I used 15 lbs at the gym and I was SO SORE the next day.  I looked back at my logs and I used to do that same workout with 20/25 lbs.  Exercises with the cable I was doing with 50 lbs I was down to 30 lbs.  I definitely have some work to do to get back to old form and that shows how much strength and muscle tone I have lost over the past year or so of doing cardio first and light weights.  It is also a reminder of why my clothes still don't fit the same as they used too. My body is much less toned and defined and that's why I'm bigger inch/size wise, even at the same weight. I'm going to sit down and plan with my fitbook,  but I think I'm going to start off with 3 days a week of lifting and alternate between upper and lower.  I don't need to break my splits out any more than that yet.

Speaking of the gym, I'm a little frustrated with them.  I signed up for the 3 session personal training package deal because of the awesome intro price.  I STILL have not heard from the trainer about setting up my sessions and it's been almost a whole week.  I was looking forward to having some really butt kicking sessions planned and it's annoying how slow they are to plan.  I know it's a new thing, but still, if you say you are going to call people to set up sessions, then you should call relatively soon.  It makes me want to cancel because it's not like I *need* a trainer.  I can kick my own ass very well.  But I wanted the push and it taking this long to get even the first contact is making me weary of the whole thing.

Okay in other news - Sunday prep day!  And boy did I prep.  My dishwasher is on the 3rd run today already.  I made:

Erika's Chicken Salad
Pork Chops w/ Apple Chutney
Jucy Lucy Turkey Burgers

All of these fit right into my nutrition plan with some additions (veggies and maybe brown rice).  I had a pork chop for lunch and oh sweet mother they were incredible.  I haven't tried the other two, but those pork chops are a definite keeper recipe.  I have another recipe on deck (honey ginger stir fry, which is not online) for later in the week for dinner.  I also have some meat set aside for sandwiches later in the week for lunch.  I'm all prepped.

This post is getting ridiculously long so I'll stop here.  But I am going to post about my breakfast woes soon. That is really a problem for me I still need to solve.  Perhaps you all can help :)