Wedding Week Workouts

This week my wonderfully awesome friend is getting MARRIED :)  I'm so so happy for her and her groom.  So my week will be a little weird because I will be traveling to the wedding locale for all of the festivities.  I will be taking my workout gear...because it's me and that's how I do :)  I'm going to think ahead and be smart with my plans and have flexibility.  The flexibility is key when traveling especially for events where there is a lot going on and you do not control the schedule. There are lots of super short workouts (hello BodyRock!  10 Minute Trainer!  YouTube!) that you can do to get a quick burn in.  Doing a 10-15 minute workout in the morning and at night gives you 20-30 minutes and you can easily fit those in before you hop in the shower or in bed for the night.  Or if you can't workout when traveling, then focus on your food intake.  Eating clean is MORE effective for weight loss than exercise is.  Don't believe me?  Look at my Ultimate Reset results.  I didn't exercise for 21 days but ate SUPER squeaky clean.

Okay, so for this week, I will be doing another mashup week.  Lots of fun workouts to keep me moving and keep me motivated during a week where there is a lot going on. Mostly short but intense workouts this week because I am so busy with wedding/travel prep!

  • Monday: Les Mills Combat Upper Body Blow Out
  • Tuesday: Les Mills Combat Lower Body Lean Out
  • Wednesday: Turbo Fire 30 Class
  • Thursday: P90x One on One Fountain of Youth (yoga)
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Turbo Fire 55 EZ Class
  • Sunday: Rest

This schedule is a fun mix of some of my favorite workouts that I want to do one last time before they get packed up for 63 days!  I reserve the right to change my mind based on how I feel and how sore I am and if I need to do wedding stuffs.  I may end up choosing one of my short workout options and I'm totally okay with that.

Speaking of sore, I just today was feeling ok after that whole Core Synergistics situation from Saturday afternoon.  My quads are still a bit sore, but after today's workout I felt much much better.  I knew moving would help them today, but I picked an upper body workout (which wasn't my original desire) because I didn't want to push it too much.  The Les Mills Combat Upper Body Blow Out does have a few squats/lunges, but it is really an upper body strength training workout.  It gave me a decent cardio burn but gave my legs a reasonably lighter workout than any other dvd.

If you want to join me on Monday, May 20th with 63 days of INSANITY, today is about the last day you can order and still start on time. I hope you will consider joining us and check out the info here :)