Why I Believe in the Reset

Today I mostly wanted to remind everyone that the Ultimate Reset kit sale ends on the 14th.  The sale was extended because it was so popular in March through the middle of this month.  I will be doing the reset again starting on April 21st so if you order you will be able to start on the same day as me if you are interested in partnering up.  The reset is on sale for up to $50 up depending on the kit you need plus you can sign up as a coach and get an additional 25% off.  If you remember, this is when I initially signed up for coaching, to save that money when my hubby and I did the reset in September. Why am I SO intensely recommending the reset?  Several reasons, but the biggest being if you are struggling with your diet then this can be the trigger you need to get off the yo-yo and onto a better long term program. I struggled forever with how to stick to a diet.  I would be awesome for a week or two and then just binge or overeat on sugar.  I couldn't figure out why I couldn't diet right....why I wasn't able to be "normal" and lose weight.  I still struggle with this thinking, but I have a WAY better diet than I did even when I was counting calories and points and all that stuff.  I don't struggle to say no anymore, I have control over my sugar addiction instead of being a slave to that and every fast food joint between work and my house.  I don't have bad skin because of all the crap I'm putting into my body and my life in general is a lot smoother because I am not fighting myself every day.    Oh and I also lost 21 lbs...which is pretty awesome.

I am really excited about this round of the reset.  I know what is coming after doing it once and after all the life that has been happening lately, I am really excited to reset because I NEED a reset.  It's going to suck to not workout for 21 days outside of walking and non-intense yoga.  But as we all know - nutrition is way more important than the exercise for body change and nutrition is the part that most of us struggle with.  And if your nutrition isn't right I don't care how many rounds of INSANITY you do, you won't see the results you deserve.
I am asking you to consider doing the Ultimate Reset with me not because it's a gimmick...but because it honestly is the best thing I have ever bought from Beachbody and the best money I have ever spent in the health and fitness catagory.  It was my teach a girl to fish moment...it taught this girl how to treat her body with kindness in the food department instead of beating myself down with junk.  My reset group will go beyond the reset and work on follow on nutrition so we can maximize our results of this great program :)  The sale ends on the 14th, so don't wait too long otherwise you will have to pay full price.
If you are interested and still not sure or throw off by the price or anything, email me at healthyengineer@gmail.com and we can talk about what discounts you can pile on and how we can make this work!